On November 3rd, the ELF hosted Liberal Communicators Network, where we welcomed participants from various organisations located in over ten countries across the world. The event was focused on two primary questions: 

We kick-started with a delicious dinner the night before, where participants had a chance to meet each other in informal settings and network, sharing their past experiences and work roles. Afterwards, our guests had some time to rest to get ready for a very intense day of training we prepared for them and which consisted of three sessions.  

On the day of the event, Elina Baltatzi, the Head of ELF Communication gave a welcoming speech. Afterwards, the first session was led by Andras Baneth, EU affairs and strategic communication expert and head of the Public Affairs Council European Office. He mainly focused on the topic of ‘’Campaigning in an EU context’’. During this session, our guests gained more knowledge in exploring opportunities for members to better work with ELF as well as understanding the added value of think tanks in the context of the EU. Our programme was not only theoretically intense but also, participants had a chance to form groups and compete in group exercises. 

The second session was led by Tom Moylan, Professor and Adviser to Director-General for Communication at the European Commission. Tom gave astounding training on speechwriting and strategic communications with splendid examples which were followed by fruitful discussions from our guests. 

The event was debriefed by Elina Baltatzi and afterwards, our participants had an opportunity to relax at the Liberal Mingle in one of the cafes at a famous Place du Luxembourg. Led by one of our project unit’s staff, the event consisted of a pub quiz and the winners of course did not leave the room without the prizes and great memories accompanied by new acquaintances. 

Overall, we would like to thank everyone who attended our event and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! We are already working on the ideas to implement in the second edition for a similar gathering so stay tuned for the updates from the ELF team! 

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