Thank you to our members who joined us in Warsaw!

The ELF General Assemblies provide us with a great opportunity to meet with our member organizations. The recent Spring session, gathered together a record number of representatives in Warsaw, Poland for fruitful discussions through workshops and innovative Working Groups, developing our collaborative future undertakings.

During Day 1 of the conference, our members joined us for multiple sessions focusing on the differing units at ELF. Head of Projects Goran Neralić alongside Officers Laurenz Van Ginneken and Even Diot, conducted a lively brainstorming workshop to stimulate powerful and influential projects for 2023. Head of Communications, Elina Baltatzi and Head of Finance, Melissa Amirkhizy also presented their respective workshops, providing better insights of the processes and workings of ELF. These sessions allow our members to propose new projects or topics for the future and gives us at ELF a space to help our partners solve problems and implement their vision.

The first of our two Working Groups at the Assembly forged important discussions on ‘Digital Strategic Autonomy and European Security after the Ukraine War’. The session opened by ELF Head of Policy and Research Antonios Nestoras, was moderated by ELF Research Officer, Francesco Cappelletti, joined by keynote speakers, Professor Gerard Pogorel, PhD of Institut Polytechnique de Paris-Telecom and Professor Erik Bohlin, Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Telecommunications Policy .

In the following Working Group, the focus shifted to ‘Renewing EU Enlargement: Towards a Staged Integration Approach’, moderated by political risk analyst Dionis Cenusa.

We were also very pleased to welcome special guests from our host country Poland, Adam Szłapka MP and Myra Keryk who organises humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees to discuss the ongoing war and the implications for the EU.

Adam Szłapka
“Remember us and continue to act. Now the support is coming, but soon there will be fatigue, the news will change and Ukrainian problems might not be heard. But we need long term solutions and structures.” – Myra Keryk

“Pressure your governments to send weapons and humanitarian aid. We should not accept that this is normal. This is war.” – Adam Szłapka MP

We closed the two-day event with our General Assembly, with the ELF Board of Directors, chaired by ELF Vice-President MEP Svenja Ilona Hahn. We would like to give a warm thank you to all our members who participated with us at this event, generating many exciting collaborations for the year ahead. We look forward welcoming again our liberal family at future sessions.

Check out more photos from this event on Flickr.

Spring General Assembly
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