The event will be held on the 26-27-28th May at the Certosa di Pontignano, Siena.

Vision Think Tank in partnership with University of Siena will organise the Third Vision Conference on the Future of Europe with the cooperation of the majors Think Tank/Foundations of the European Parliament: Foundation for European Progressive Studies, European Liberal Forum, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies. There will also be present The Green European Foundation and New Direction. The corporate and knowledge partners of the event are Banca Intesa. Media Partnership of Sky TG 24.

As stated by President Emmanuel Macron in his last speech in Strasbourg at the official Conference on the Future of Europe (COFE) “Europe has changed and it is necessary to ensure that the Union lives up to its citizens’ aspirations and expectations”, and this is the intention of the Siena Conference, to produce ideas and concrete proposals for change.
The event will have four key points, to which four working groups will be dedicated: these will address the defence policies after the Ukrainian invasion; the impact of war on the Green Deal and energy policies; Europe’s digital autonomy and finally a focus on mechanisms to make EU institutions closer to its citizens.

The appointment at the Certosa di Pontignano will be a three-day problem-solving event where 40 intellectuals, policy makers, journalists, historians, and visionaries will meet to generate and discuss bold ideas oriented to develop common solutions on current issues to be presented to EU and national institutions.

Among the participants: Romano Prodi, Marta Dassù, Sandro Gozi, Bill Emmott, Enrico Giovannini, John Hooper, Maria Joao Rodrigues, Jelena Dzankic, Kalypso Nicolaidis and many more. The Conference aims to become an annual forum for dialogue, less formal than the institutional events, with the aspiration to contribute to craft the future of Europe.

For more information, please contact Clara Donati ( and Federica Fusco ( For more information, please visit here.

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