Freedom Games – the winner of 2022 Europe Liberty Award

The leading theme of this year’s forum is to be “Green Independence”.  The theme of the edition is a response to the growing challenges posed not only by climate change, but also the Russian aggression in Ukraine and its consequences for the whole region. The war was a wake-up call for the entire free world, which must be ready to defend its freedoms and values. It is also the last call for a sustainable transformation that will make democratic countries independent from the supply of energy resources from authoritarian countries. Today, a sustainable transformation means green independence, as our climate and ecological goals are aligned with the geopolitical ones like never before

Every year, the forum boasts a spectacular list of speakers. This year, among the hundreds of guests one may find: Johan Norberg (a Swedish author, lecturer, and documentary filmmaker), Dr Jane Goodall (World renowned ethologist & conservationist), Tom G. Palmer (Executive vice president for international programs at Atlas Network, senior fellow at the Cato Institute), Daisy Sindelar (Vice President and Editor in Chief of RFE/RL), John Keane (Professor of Politics at the University of Sydney and the WZB, Berlin), and currently teaching at Beijing Foreign Studies University), Emily O’Riley (European Ombudsman), Mark Lilla (Professor of the Humanities at Columbia University), Gerald Knaus (Author, the European Stability Initiative’s founding chairman), Nataliya Melnyk (Executive Director of Bendukidze Free Market Center), Marek Józefiak (Media and policy officer of Greenpeace Poland), Aneta Vaine (Vice President of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute, LFMI), Janina Ochojska (Polish humanitarian worker, President of the Polish Humanitarian Organization, member of the European Parliament) among many others.  

This year, once again, the European dimension will be clearly visible across various sessions. As part of the ELF HUB at Freedom Games 2022, renowned speakers from Poland and abroad will discuss such topics as, for instance, energy as a geopolitical weapon, new EU responses to war refugees, ensuring information offensive in Russia, the rule of law and EU funds, or LGBTQI rights as human rights.  We are also pleased to announce that among the speakers and moderators one will also find members of the ELF – Dr Antonios Nestoras (Head of Policy and Research), Dr Maria Alesina (Junior Policy and Research Officer) and Laurenz van Ginneken (Project Officer) are already among the confirmed guests.

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In 2022, Freedom Games received Atlas Network Europe Liberty Forum in recognition of the enormous effort of the organizers to bring the freedom-minded people from across the globe together in Poland and promote the values of freedom, democracy, and free market. 

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