Our top picks from the year

We are pleased to share with you our top picks from the year so far to keep you engaged over this period, with content in varying formats, from audio podcasts to short or more extensive reads. So whether you’re busy travelling or enjoying some quiet time at home, you have a range of different topics at your fingertips! 

The Future Europe Journal is the perfect place to start, bringing together policy-makers, academics and citizens to promote ideas and reflect on the most important and current hurdles facing Europe. This first issue places the focus on reform proposals following the Conference on the Future of Europe 2022.

Future Europe Journal

We also invite you to explore a number of our insightful policy papers and academic studies, where our in-house researchers and external collaborators address disputed policy areas such as 5G and 6G NetworksElectoral SystemsTransatlantic Relations and EU Digital Strategic Autonomy, in ambition of finding effective liberal solutions.

For your convenience, we also have an array of audio options including the Liberal Europe podcast and Liberal Reads, allowing you to remain informed on European affairs and delve into liberal principles, at ease and on the go.

Liberal Reads Homepage

Finally, check out our latest blog series’, ‘Road(s) to Net Zero’ and ‘Science, Not Fiction’, in which we invite various industry experts to give their perspective on furthering development in the realms of sustainability and scientific innovation.

Stay tuned on our social media for updates and of course, you can find our entire catalog by visiting the ELF website!

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