Women’s Political Rights and Leadership: the key to tackling the biggest global challenges of our time

In September 2022 the Alliance Of Her partnership supported the first ever delegation to the 77th Session of the UN General Assembly in New York.

The five delegates included ALDE Party Vice Presidents Kira Rudik and Svenja Hahn, Speaker of the Parliament of Lithuania Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen, Irish Senator Erin McGreehan and Nasa Stranka party activist Jasmina Mršo took part in meetings and events, as well as lead two official Alliance of Her events – an official high-level panel event (in collaboration with the Government of Belgium) and a networking reception (in collaboration with the Government of Estonia). The delegation aimed to forge and strengthen partnerships with UN Institutions and US based allies, showcase the Alliance of Her initiative on the global stage, and advocate for the importance of female political leadership and representation at a critical moment in the global political agenda.

In cooperation with The Alliance Of Her and partners, ALDE Party and FNF we hosted the “Women’s Political Rights and Leadership” high-level debate.

Former ELF First VP Svenja Hann moderated this very important discussion with a stellar panel, including Liberal Award 2022 winner Kira Rudik, on how the current global crises are cause to step up efforts to increase female political leadership & representation.

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister for European & Euro-Atlantic Integration & Liberal Award winner, Olga Stefanishyna from also joined via video:

“Women are leading force all around the globe. This is a result of the investment we made in their education & empowerment”.

Co-President of ALDE Party & ally Timmy Dooley closed the panel with his closing remarks, pursuing the need for parties to empower women and strengthen their representation:

“From the party perspective, we have to assist in empowering women & encourage them to put themselves forward. Women find more barricades & we must break those down.”

Overall, the delegation was successful in provide a stage to accelerate the importance of female political leadership and boast the work of the Alliance toward shifting perspectives and influencing the political agenda on the global level.

The Alliance Of Her Academy will run two classes in 2023. In the first half of the year, we will offer a “Spring” Academy class open to all liberal women active in European politics. The call for applications for the Class of 2023 “Spring” Edition are now open.

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