The European Liberal Forum, the official political foundation and think tank of the ALDE party and partner of Renew Europe in the European Parliament is organising the ELF-hub at the yearly Igrzyska Wolności – Freedom Games on 15-17 September in Łódź with the cooperation of Fundacja Liberté. This is a path of panels, debates and speeches, focussing on topics relevant for European audiences, bringing the European perspective to Łódź. 

Therefore we have opened this call for tenders to make collaboration possible with an AV and production + simultaneous translation provider for three years We would prefer to have all services carried out by the same supplier.  

We need two different quotes, based on the tables attached to this tender. 
ELF will cover a percentage of the costs alongside Fundacja Liberté (ul. Piotrkowska 102, 90 – 004 Łódź), based on their Bilateral Cooperation agreements, including the bespoken programme for the ELF Hub. The chosen supplier must be able to invoice within the EU, and carry out their services in Łódź, Poland. We preferably choose a supplier that is able to carry out both mentioned services. 

Documents to be submitted for the tender 
  1. Offers for AV and production services, and the translation services, to be filled out in the appropriate Excel files you can find below.
  1. Description of the company, including the terms and conditions for collaboration. 
  1. Examples of previous Audiovisual and translation services for large conferences. 
Terms of the contract 
Deadline for applications 

For information and questions, please send an e-mail to

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