Services: Human Resources support
Date of publication: 10.01.2024.
Deadline for submitting tenders: 31.01.2024.
Contact email for submission:

The European Liberal Forum is the political foundation and think-tank of the European liberal Party ALDE, with a network of 51 member organizations across Europe. Each year, ELF, together with its member organizations, organizes over 100 events.

The purpose of this call for tenders is to conclude a contract for ad hoc support with an agency capable of providing the following services: 

Human Resources support: 

The tender application, to be submitted in English, should consist of the following components:  

Cover letter including the following information about the company’s legal status and capacities to provide the services above: the name of the company, the ethos or values of the company, legal address and form of association, structure of the company, VAT number and status, and the most recent financial statement indicating the size of yearly turnover. You may also wish to include the CVs of staff members with experience in carrying out the above functions.  

Agency or service fee or hourly rate indicated in absolute number or percentage for services as well as expected due dates for invoice payment

ELF will select a preferred agency based on the extent to which their tender application demonstrates that they offer the lowest price while having the necessary capabilities, resources and values to carry out the services in a way that creates an optimal, healthy working environment for staff that is in line with Belgian law.  

ELF will sign a contract with the chosen agency for a duration of 2 years. Please note that the contract will oblige the agency to provide its services in a timely and accurate manner with response to requests for services time limited to within one week due to dynamic pace of ELF projects. If your company is unable to commit to such response times, please do not submit an offer. 

If you are interested in providing these services, you are requested to submit your application by email, no later than 31.01.2024 to contact email: 

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