As the end of November is coming to an end, so is our campaign ‘’Market-based solutions to climate change’’ The main question we tried to answer is during this month is how can technology and innovation help solve the climate crisis? In this report, we have prepared everything from publications to European Liberal podcasts where prominent speakers are sharing their thoughts and opinions.  

To begin with, check out the research paper by Ricardo Silvestre, where he writes about the use of hydrogen in Europe. Also, make sure to read the policy paper by the environmentalist Mark Lynas where he discusses nuclear energy & EU taxonomy. 

In partnership with Fondazione Luigi Einaudi Onlus, we presented the conference  “Environmentalism + Capitalism: Happy Growth’’, where the authors of the publication discussed the ecological-economic transition within the EU. 

We have also prepared an interesting podcast for you with Andrzej Ancygier, Senior  Energy and Climate Policy Analyst at Climate Analytics where he mainly focuses on the European energy policy and transformation of the transport sector. Specifically, he talks about climate and energy policies, COP26, and the importance of what is happening in Poland regarding energy transition and environmental protection.  

Last but not least, check out our most recent On The Agenda, about the future of the EU Energy Market. Together with high-level speakers  Annegret Gröbel, Dirk Buschle, and Brendan Devlin we addressed the challenges the European Union is facing to better anticipate future shocks and ensure the security of energy supply to all Europeans.  

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