Despite shared challenges such as migration, energy transition, radical Islam and climate change, Europe and the MENA region are struggling to cooperate successfully. However, the region is increasingly connected, and we must address a key question: how can we re-start Euro-Mediterranean relations?

During the first week of July 2021, the European Liberal Forum provides answers to the challenges that impede fruitful cooperation between the MENA and EU.

You can read the full position paper here.

Challenge #1

MENA states have diverging interests and lack a single regional policy

Solution #1

MENA states should identify the policy issues and lines that unite them

Challenge #2: The MENA region lacks common institutions which complicates cooperation among MENA states themselves

Solution #2: MENA states should set up a regional mechanism for coordination

Challenge #3: different priorities between MENA and EU states

Solution #3: Putting the MENA priorities in writing in an official document will enable the region to negotiate with the EU based on these priorities

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