Mobility is about freedom and access. The future of mobility is at our doorstep: it is a complex topic encompassing a range of policies, technological advancements and civil liberties.

In September, using the momentum of the European Mobility Week from 16 to 22 September, the European Liberal Forum brought you insights and opened the debate on a subject that concerns every one of us: the future of mobility.

Mobility is about freedom and access. It is a complex topic that encloses a range of policies, technological advancements and civil liberties. As September is coming to an end, so is the ELF’s The Future of Mobility campaign. In this post, we would like to provide you with a short summary in case you have missed some points or would like to take a quick pick back on everything we have prepared for you this month.

First things first, check out #ELF Thoughtbites, where you can find a wide variety of points why the future of mobility is so important.

For example, Renew Europe MEP Jan-Christoph Oetjen says ‘’CO2 Emission-free #Europe is our biggest goal’’ while Caroline Nagtegaal-Van Doorn from Renew Europe mentions that in order to make #transport systems future proof, we need to make #mobility cleaner. And on top of that, according to Ondřej Kovařík ‘’we should aim for #mobility that is sustainable but also affordable.’’

ELF has also prepared a wide variety of podcasts where you can learn more regarding this topic.

Mathias Sundin, Co-Funder & Executive Chairman of Warp Foundation talks about autonomous self-driving cars and their importance for the future of humanity while Genevieve Pons, the Director-General of Europe Jacques Delors (Brussels), shines some light on the future of mobility in Europe, from regional to urban areas, and the importance of education.

Overall, we hope you enjoyed this month and found it informative, while we were already working on the October campaign, which will be announced very soon. Stay tuned on all our social media to be the first one to find out what it is about!

You can read our most recent papers on the topic of mobility:

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