About the project

According to studies, cybercrime constitutes half of all the crimes perpetrated in some member-state and accounts for losses worth billions of euros per year. Nevertheless, most hacks happen via known exploits, where hackers know the IT networks better than companies. While Europe has stepped up with adopting a cybersecurity strategy and the NIS Directive or the new European cybersecurity Industrial, Technology and Research Competence Centre, we see a significant variation on the member-state level.

The aim of this project is to provide measures to strengthen the cybersecurity infrastructure at European and national level. Minimizing cybercrime is generally linked to business preparedness and citizen knowledge. Therefore, these groups are given special consideration in the analysis and policy recommendations. 

About the event

In the first part, the findings of the publication ‘It’s not a data breach, it’s a surprise backup – fostering cybersecurity’ will be presented with the study authors. The second part is dedicated to the question of the state of cybersecurity in Europe and what impact current geopolitical events have on cybersecurity. 


17:30 Registration

18:00 Introduction and welcome 
Lukas Sustala, Managing Director, NEOS Lab 

18:05 ELF welcome 
European Liberal Forum (TBC)

18:10 Panel discussion I: Presentation Cybersecurity-Publication 

Speaker: Dieter Feierabend, Author, NEOS Lab 

Speaker: Teresa Reiter, Author 

Speaker: Francesco Cappelletti, European Liberal Forum 

18:45 Panel discussion II: Where are we in Europe in terms of cybersecurity 

Speaker: Teresa Reiter, Author 

Speaker: Claudia Gamon, MEP, Renew/NEOS (TBC) 

Speaker: Luigi Martino, Center for Cyber Security and International Relations, University of Florence (TBC) 

Speaker: Velina Tchakarova, Director, AIES (TBC) 

Speaker: SBF (TBC)

19:30 Final remarks 
Lukas Sustala, Managing Director, NEOS Lab 

19:35 Networking with a glass of wine 

20:30 End of the event 

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