About the event

Black Sea for Europe Conference is a two-day high-ranking event consisting of six panels discussing the political and security environment in the Black Sea region, considering its actuality and importance for the EU. It is accompanied by apreliminary mentorship program for young professionals in the related fields.

Thursday, 10.11.2022 

11:30 Welcome coffee & snack

12:00 Opening remarks 

12:15 Panel 1. Black Sea in European Security Context 

14:00 Panel 2. EU Enlargement – cases of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine 

16:00 Panel 3Russian War: Liberal response 

Friday, 11.11.2022 

10:00 Special Panel – Future of the Black Sea region: Youth perspective 

Moderator: Katrin Bannach, Project Director FNF South Caucasus

Fifteen Students from Georgia and from Romania

12:30 Panel 5. Future of the Black Sea region: European response/perspective 

14:00 Panel 6. Future of the Black Sea region: Energy Security 

16:00 Panel 7Future of the Black Sea region: Trade Routes

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