About the event

What is meant by the Rule of Law? What are the international implications of the increasingly laisse faire attitude the UK Government displays towards the Rule of Law? Where does this leave the UK in relation to countries with a history of disregard for the Rule of Law? What remedies are available against a government when it breaches international law? And, at domestic level: Can a democracy function in the absence of rules and predictable enforcement? What signal does the Government set for compliance with its own rules? What is the role of the opposition?

Expert guests from the world of law, politics, and journalists from across Europe will be invited to share and compare experiences. One third of all invitations will be to expert voices and current reporters. For a full list of proposed names and qualifications, see below. Experts will be joined by former members of LDEPP, members of the House of Lords plus PAF and other Liberal Democrat and ELF members with policy interests in this area.


Speakers will be announced soon.

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