About the event  

The event aims to bring together key stakeholders and EU leaders to discuss and explore ways in which innovation can help the EU to strengthen its global role. The event will focus on highlighting the EU’s existing strengths and opportunities for innovation on two key sectors, namely healthcare and energy. These sectors are crucial for European security, economic and social development, and the overall competitiveness of EU industries.

The two sessions of this event are designed to reflect on liberal policy options with a future-positive, optimistic, and proactive mindset. The future of the European project is not predetermined or fixed – it can be shaped and influenced by liberal policies in the present. The goal is to identify key challenges and opportunities that the EU faces in becoming a leader in innovation and to identify strategies for leveraging innovation to enhance the EU’s global role. 

16:10 Session 1 – Energy Security


17:00 Session 2 – Healthcare Digital Innovation


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