About the event

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are engines of economic growth and prosperity, representing 99% of all businesses in the EU. At the same time, compliance with EU legislation and cross-border business conduct affect these institutions disproportionally compared to international companies. It is therefore essential to gather input of SMEs and entrepreneur associations that will inform European policy development and ensure that business activities can function smoothly across borders of EU member states.

The event will be an opportunity for Brussels based organizations and national associations representing SMEs and entrepreneurs to come together to discuss their work, challenges in light of trade and internal market as well as explore opportunities to take part in more coordinated policy foresight and collaboration processes. Participants will be able discuss if national associations can work together in a European framework and how can we ensure a continued exchange between entrepreneurs on the national level and European institutions and liberal organizations in Brussels.


09:30 Introduction
Antonios Nestoras , Interim Executive Director, European Liberal Forum
Timmy Dooley, Co-President, ALDE Party
09:35 Introduction of Participants
Open floor
10:00 An increasingly complex world for SMEs & Entrepreneurs
Joanna Burnos, Founder, LEADERIS Institute, Member of the Advisory Board, The Alliance Of Her
Dr Thilo Scholpp, Secretary General, Liberaler Mittelstand
10:30 Agenda setting – discussion about national experiences
11:00 Knowledge transfer and possible areas for collaboration
11:40 Closing remarks
Martina Dlabajová, MEP, Co-Chair SME Intergroup, Chair of Renew Europe SME Taskforce
12:00 End of event

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