About the event

During one digital and one physical session, young and upcoming professionals will participate in education and training programs given by internationally recognized trainers and experts while focusing on finding answers to the major challenges of liberalism in the 21st century. The participants will work outside the confines of the usual organizational structures. Therefore ELF Studio Europe offers a platform to come up with innovative approaches to various problems. During this year’s edition of ELF Studio Europe, participants will explore the subject of political participation and, in particular, membership engagement within political liberal organisations.

Studio Europe uses a two-stream approach. The programme does not only focus on the end products created by the participants, but personal development is also an important aspect of the programme. During the programme, participants receive training on intercultural cooperation, social media management and career counselling. This two-stream approach helps participants to pursue their ideal careers within their organisation.

Important to note is that Studio Europe is not focused on political talents who pursue a political career. Studio Europe is an academy for project managers, international officers and policymakers who are working behind the scenes and want to bring their liberal organisation to the next level.


ELF Studio Europe is divided into two different events spread over March and April: 

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