About the event

As Europe faces an increasingly complex and volatile geopolitical landscape, the traditional security arrangements, including the NATO security umbrella, may no longer be enough to guarantee the safety of the continent. While some argue that a European army would strengthen strategic autonomy and crisis response, others worry about the impact on transatlantic relations and increased tensions with geopolitical rivals.

“The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” serves as a reminder of the complex and multifaceted nature of Europe’s security architecture. The event will explore the various dimensions of European security, including the positive aspects of NATO’s security umbrella, the negative consequences of the new Cold War-like scenario following the invasion of Ukraine, and the challenges and limits concerning the proposal for a European Army. The discussion will also consider the potential role of the EU in shaping the future of European security and defence, given the delicate balance between national and supranational interests. The plenary discussion will take place during the Fourth Siena Conference on the Future of Europe on 8-10 June, organised by Vision think tank, with all European political foundations.


Introduction: Francesco Cappelletti, Senior Policy and Research Officer, European Liberal Forum

Moderator: Aurélie Pugnet, Global Europe and Defence reporter, EURACTIV


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