August, September, October, November and December 2021 | ​Online

The Liberal Leadership Academy Europe is a joint project of European Liberal Forum in cooperation with VVD International/Haya van Someren foundation, the Boris Divkovic Foundation, Studiecentrum Albert Maertens, NEOSLab and the Danish Liberal Democracy Programme.

The Liberal Leadership Academy Europe is a dedicated academy for training politically oriented, high potential and talented youth. The academy will be offering one course broken down into four modules, across multiple weekends, wherein a carefully selected group of highly qualified individuals will be trained on different personal and political skills that prepare participants for successful political careers in the 21st century. The Academy’s curriculum offers teachings on the most modern and effective political strategies to date, as well as equipping participants with the tools to build on their leadership skills. Internationally recognised expert trainers follow talents throughout the process, ensuring the highest quality supervision and development support.

The Liberal Leadership Academy Europe is divided into four different events spread over Summer 2021 till late autumn 2020: (Locations are to be determined, based on the local Covid situation)
28 August 2021 | Online Kick-off
16-19 September 2021 | Personal growth
22-24 October 2021 | Personal story
19-21 November 2021 | Environment around politics
17-19 December 2021 | The future

Conditions to apply
The participant is:
1) between the age of 20-35
2) starting to become active in politics (a small resume within its party/organization)
3) from a EU+Balkan country
4) connected to the liberal word and strongly shares and supports liberal ideas
5) able to provide a recommendation letter from his/her party/organization.

Other conditions Cost of accommodation and meals during the training will be covered by the organisers. Travel costs are reimbursed up to 300 EUR per participant after submitting the travel reimbursement form and all original supporting documents.

Please submit your application before 30th of May. Resume and recommendation letter can be submitted at:

whois: Andy White Freelance WordPress Developer London