Mission: Mighty Meetings is a project for Congress and Event organisers focusing on creative engagement. Changing expectations from participants, rapid developments in technology and a volatile context (i.e. travel ban and climate change) make innovation necessary. Therefore, this project brings together organisers to share experiences and brainstorm on new formats.

The project takes place in two sessions. Both are similar in programme, they just take place on a different date and location to allow for choice (Croatia, 26 July and Poland, 13 September). The main objective of the workshop is to identify innovative and creative ways to organise large events and Congresses by sharing best practices and brainstorming.

Speakers include:

The applications are closed. The participants have been already selected from the first Workshop which took place in Croatia in July.

Applications will be assessed on the basis of role, experience, gender and geographical representation. Selected participants will be notified by 07th July 2021. Check if you are able to travel to the locations at the given time. We ask you to adhere to any covid-measures set by your government and the government of the host country.

Accommodation and meals are provided, travel costs can be reimbursed (200 EUR for a distance of fewer than 1000 km (air distance) and up to 300 EUR for more than 1000 km (air distance)). Consider taking a train instead of a plane if you can. An event organised by the European Liberal Forum with the support of Projekt: Polska and D66 International. Participants travel at their own risk, and ELF cannot pay any medical or hospitalisation fees that may be incurred during an ELF event.

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