For the first six months of 2022, France has ensured the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union. With priorities set to focus on the EU-wide minimum wage, carbon emissions tariff on imports of goods, and democratic participation with the end of the Conference on the Future of Europe, they have changed abruptly in late February. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the security, humanitarian and energy crises that followed have put the whole EU to the test. 

During this panel discussion, we will discuss the outcome of the French presidency and its legacy for French policymaking in the EU; what was the impact of the war on the presidency? What priorities can be considered a success? What was left out? How will the future European policy-making of France look like with French President Emmanuel Macron who just got re-elected but is destabilized domestically? 


Introduction by Daniel Kaddik, ELF Executive Director

Speakers include:

Moderated by Dr. Antonios Nestoras, ELF Head of Policy and Research

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