As part of the European Liberal Forum month of mobility, we are pleased to present you this On the Agenda webinar on the Future of Mobility. Through an innovation-led perspective, we will see how technological solutions allows us to face environmental challenges related to mobility.  

Technology gives us more options to move around and between cities, travel more efficiently, and avoid commuting altogether. What more can we do to create better streets and more ways to get from one city to another in order to help fight climate change? How can policymakers assist in producing a more sustainable model of mobility? How can Europe contribute to developing international measures for the evaluation of urban mobility, intercity travel and the sustainability of the public space? 

This On the Agenda event will be the opportunity to discuss new technologies, address climate change-related threats and the living habits that are changing the face of mobility.  

Speakers include:

Moderated by: Beatriz Rios, EU Affairs Reporter

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