About the event

It has been a year since Russia started a disastrous full-scale war on the European continent, right at the EU’s doorstep. This critical situation has uncovered the long-neglected weaknesses and blank spots in European security and defence. It is clear that by deterring Russia, Ukrainians are protecting the EU. However, it has become equally evident that creating the European Defence Union is a geopolitical imperative for the bloc, more urgent now than ever before.  

During this Twitter Spaces discussion, we will build on the debate on the European Defence Union (EDU) with two European lawmakers. What did a year of the war on our continent teach us about European security? What is there to be done to make the EU militarily autonomous and capable of defending itself? What are the key dividing lines among the Member States that hinder unity on this issue and progress in allocating and pulling resources in this crucial domain? What would be the role of Germany and France in a possible EDU, and how would other member states perceive this anticipated dominance? To get answers to these and more questions, join our Twitter Spaces discussion. 

Speakers include:

Dr. Antonios Nestoras, ELF Interim Executive Director, will moderate the discussion.

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