About the event  

The project Organising Freedom gathers organisational leaders from European liberal organisations in a series of events. The aim is to share and learn from each other’s organisational practices and experiences.  

The event in Prague will be an exchange of best practices on new forms of engagements. Organisational leaders from all over Europe will discuss what are the modern, innovative and inspirational forms of engagement – both online and offline – with their audiences and target groups. Representatives of liberal organisations will share and learn from each other on how to adapt to the changing nature of civic engagement in the 21st century. 


Sunday, 2 July 2023 

Arrival of participants 

Monday, 3 July 2023 

09:00 Welcome remarks  

09:15 Practical information and ice breaker exercise 

10:00 World Café on new forms of engagement 

12:00 City walk with assignment 

13:30 Lunch 

14:30 SWOT-ing your organisation 

16:15 Best practices from ELF 

17:00 Practical exercise 

19:00 Dinner 

Tuesday, 4 July 2023 

09:00 Conventional vs. unconventional forms of engagement 

11:00 Inspirational speaker from civil society  

12:00 Evaluation and follow-up 

12:30 End of the event 

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