Climate Change has taken on a Kafkaesque quality and morphed to a Climate Emergency. This suggests the current patterns of global development are not sustainably viable. Consequently, solutions needed to address the numerous challenges of multiple interacting investment, organisational, environmental, governance and social ecosystems to address the Climate Emergency – are urgently required. However, to be effective, they need to be accompanied by a balance between both reductions in the total level of consumption and production of goods and services as well as a realignment of how products and services are offered and consumed in order that a section of global society is not marginalised. The future must be created with Climate Justice at its heart. 

Three Roundtables – People, Planet or Profit – will be led by an expert and will run simultaneously. Participants will attend all three roundtables, in the order assigned to them.  


In cooperation with the Paddy Ashdown Forum.

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