About the event

The rainbow platform project is a cross-institutional initiative aiming to increase the amount of LGBTQI+ leadership in the political arena. We have seen progress when calls for equality include the encouragement for members of the community underrepresented to join office. A successful example of that is the many calls for more female leadership representation in politics. Unlike gender-based representation, it is impossible to make a clear assessment of how many LGBTQI+ representatives we have in local, national and European offices as only a portion of LGBTQI+ individuals in representation positions are openly communicating about their sexuality and identity. Many members of the LGBTQI+ community recuse themselves from running for office, joining political parties, or aiming for positions of leadership in operational roles at organisations dealing with political thinking due to the fear of public scrutiny and due to the policy-focused nature of political diversity inclusion initiatives.

Moderator: Luis Cano

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