To use or not to use the popular Chinese TikTok to reach young people as a political party? What are the geopolitical implications of the biggest factory of essential computer chips being located in Taiwan? And who decides whether the benefits of AI such as ChatGPT outweigh the enormous amount of water and energy it uses?

Ahead of the European elections, the European Liberal Forum, the Dutch Mr. Hans van Mierlo Foundation for social-liberal thought, D66 International and the Swedish green-liberal think tank Fores organize a conversation about the digital future of Europe. Global powers and tech companies are competing for control over the direction of artificial intelligence. The European Union must determine its position in this digital battle, while ensuring that the future of artificial intelligence in Europe is based on sustainability, justice, and democratic values.

We are honoured that Prof. Anu Bradford will deliver the keynote speech via livestream to explore these issues. Bradford (1975) is a Finnish-American professor at Columbia Law School. She is known for her influential book The Brussels Effect, in which she argues that EU regulation has a significant impact on global norms and standards. In September 2023, she published a new book: Digital Empires: The Global Battle to Regulate Technology. This book sheds new light on the battle between national governments and major technology companies over the regulation of digital technologies.

Keynote Speech – Digital Empires: The Global Battle to Regulate Technology

Panel Discussion

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