About this event

This conference will dive into the conclusions of the roundtable held during the spring of 2022 and will focus on two aspects.

During this first event, two narratives were discussed around the roots of inflation and the effects of the current ECB policies on EU citizens. From discussing the fiscal rules for the Member States, and the review of the Stability and Growth Pact, the European Liberal Forum is assessing the countermeasures taken to maintain price stability in the Euro area and the consequences for the banking and financial systems.

This conference will be followed by a presentation of the findings of ‘’A Liberal Way to reduce a mountain of debt‘’ with the support of NEOS Lab.


– Welcome remarks

– Setting the scene – Roundtable report by Lukas Sustala, Managing Director, NEOS Lab  

– Panel discussion I: Assessing the ECB’s challenges in wartime for the Euro area economy

Moderator: Elisabeth Oberndorfer, Journalist 

– Panel Discussion II: Facing long-term inflation: finding mitigating measures

– Summary by the Conference rapporteur / Break 

– Presentation of findings – ‘A Liberal way to reduce a mountain of debt’ by Lukas Sustala, Managing Director, NEOS Lab 

– Networking with a glass of wine 

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