About the event

The times when silly dances were dominating TikTok are long gone. Short-form videos have become a major driving force of social discourse. Yet, liberal communicators hardly find their footing in the short-form video arena. On the one hand, our ideas seem too complex for the medium; on the other hand, we hesitate to oversaturate those platforms with our “heavy” content. This workshop aims to reverse that perception. Because even our most boring reports can be turned into content that people want to watch. For that, however, we need to create stories that stick. So, we will not only look at the production side of things (and learn how to edit on our phones directly) but also at the principles of storytelling. To make this as hands-on as possible, participants will have the possibility to practice their abilities to craft powerful narratives and tell them on camera directly on the spot.

Since its inception, Sven Gerst has been the lead facilitator of the Liberal Communicators Network, a political philosopher and former secretary general of IFLRY. We will get expert input from Jan Krukowski and Jakub Choromański on social media trends and short-form video storytelling. Andrzej Prendke, deputy leader of the Nowoczesna Party in Poland, will provide insight into the local political scene narratives.

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