About the event

This series of ELF’s Working Group on Rule of Law will focus on Polish and Hungarian perspectives on threats to democracy in these countries and, by doing so, further expand the conditionality mechanism’s implications in the context of other Member States. Two sessions will be held in Warsaw (14 April) and Budapest (27 April) to discuss a liberal compass to overcome the rule of law crisis. The working group aims to identify solutions and outline the next steps for restoring and preserving Europe’s democratic future. Participants will include politicians, judges, civil society representatives, and academics. A working paper summarising key conclusions and policy recommendations will be drafted after both sessions and presented at future ELF events and Member Organisations’ events, in different languages, in light of the upcoming European elections in 2024.

The first part of the discussion will delve into the root causes of the rule of law crisis in Poland, Hungary, and other member states, including Greece, Italy, and Spain. The second part of the Working Group in Warsaw will further explore the EU’s strategy to prevent further stages of the rule of law crisis, considering the merits of ex-ante regulation versus the post-factum response. Additionally, we will discuss the vital role that civil society and other stakeholders can play in promoting and protecting the rule of law.

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