The Europe-Georgia Institute (EGI) is the leading hybrid independent civil society organization in Georgia. Its mission is to advance democracy, the rule of law, and free markets in Georgia and the Caucasus and empower a new generation of leaders to find solutions that are essential for Georgia’s development and for the successful common future of the Caucasus.

Being an independent civil society organization, the Europe-Georgia Institute focuses its campaigning on issues such as human rights, peacebuilding, the promotion of good governance, democratic resilience, the fight against propaganda and disinformation and supports the involvement of youth in democratic process.

The Europe-Georgia Institute (EGI) also focuses on analyzing Georgian and international politics, the creation of policy recommendations, and projects that contribute to a more open, democratic, resilient and free society.

Together with EGI’s volunteers and partner organizations all around Georgia and the Caucasus and with support from different donors, the EGI works hard to bring ideas of Liberalism into the political debate, to provide a platform for discussion and to enable citizens to make their voices heard and is the only organization in Georgia that has implemented a nation-wide Get Out and Vote campaign in 2016, and achieving outstanding results.

A crucial area of the Institute’s work is integration with European and Euro-Atlantic partners. It works hard to facilitate a broad civil consensus regarding foreign political issues. The EGI implements different actions to increase the political literacy of the Georgian public and has created unique methodologies to increase civic participation.

The Europe-Georgia Institute was founded by George Melashvili, Shalva Chkheidze, and Revaz Topuria in 2015.

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Address: Europe-Georgia Institute, Queen Tamar Avenue, Tbilisi, Georgia

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