GALIDEM has two main purposes: First, to encourage serious debate on Galician public policy issues by proposing ideas grounded in academic research; second, to promote education by organising seminars and publishing non-technical reports and articles, as well as publishing teaching materials on Liberalism and economics to be used by students.

Our idea of Liberalism stems from our confidence in individuals, each freely pursuing his/her own interest as the way to best improve society as a whole. This is based on a long academic tradition in economics, found in the writings of British liberal thinkers such as Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill.

In order to accomplish our goals, we organise conferences, book presentations and meetings, publish articles in the media and issue non-technical reports, as well as student teaching materials. In the past GALIDEM has partnered with ELF to organise a “Southern European School of Liberalism”, together with partners such as Movimento Liberal Social, Forum for Greece and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. The event targeted college students interested in liberal policies and ideology.

Address: Rúa Bispo Lago, 33, Tui, Spain

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