The Institute for Freedom and Democracy (ILD) is an independent liberal think-thank that has been established in 2019 aiming to promote and preserve the values of freedom and democracy in Romania. From the very beginning, ILD has engaged a large group of liberal-minded personalities with experience dating back to 1990 when the foundations of liberal democracy in Romania are rooted.

Taking into account the continuous transformation undergoing our society and the current changes in the political arena, ILD aspires to become one of the prominent liberal voices of Romanian society. ILD is committed to keeping the liberal spirit and tradition alive, where the primary objective is to be an innovative laboratory of ideas based on modern liberalism, which is guided by a solution-driven approach. Seeking to create a platform for dialogue on political, economic and social topics, ILD’s purpose is to facilitate the dialogue between citizens and public institutions and to foster civic involvement and responsibility.

Our multiannual programme ambitiously focused on five major projects: The Flame of Freedom – a tribute for the freedom fighters and human rights defenders; – a research-driven project that considers the impact of technology on democracy; Horizon 2030 – a multi-dimension analytical project that aims at creating a vision for the future of Romania by addressing four pillars: state reform, research and innovation, sustainable development and foreign action; Smart CityZen – a broad civic education programme addressing the transformation of the human communities; The Liberal Academy – a school of excellence for emerging liberal-minded leaders of the civil society or of any academic, business or political environment.

Prepared to offer liberal solutions for Romania’s future development and growth, ILD is oriented to harmoniously connect the national ideas with the European and global trends, by participating and contributing to a wide range of international projects and partnerships.

Address: Strada D. I. Mendeleev 36-38, Bucharest, Romania

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