Republikon Foundation for Science, Education and Research (Republikon Foundation) is a liberal think tank organisation based in Budapest, focusing on analysing Hungarian and international politics, formulating policy recommendations and initiating projects that contribute to a more open, democratic and free society. The goal of the Foundation is to promote discussion and implementation of liberal ideas, approaches and policies. Republikon believes that Hungarian politics can take a turn for the better only if liberal ideas and opinions are formulated in policy and public discourse.

Republikon Foundation has played an important role as a think tank in Hungary: independent from any political party, but committed to liberal values, it has been endeavouring to shape policy thinking and public debate with its innovative approach to politics and policy. It is Republikon’s mission to articulate new ideas and to find ways of making the values of liberal democracy, human rights and tolerance more popular.

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Address: Budapest, Harangvirág u. 7, 1026 Hungary

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