In this episode of the Liberal Europe Podcast, Ricardo Silvestre (Movimento Liberal Social) welcomes Carlos Guimarães Pinto, former President of the Portuguese liberal party Iniciativa Liberal, and current MP, for the second episode of a miniseries on success stories of liberal parties in the ALDE family.

This podcast is produced by the European Liberal Forum in collaboration with Movimento Liberal Social and Fundacja Liberté!, with the financial support of the European Parliament. Neither the European Parliament nor the European Liberal Forum are responsible for the content or for any use that be made of.

Show notes

This podcast, as well as previous episodes, is available on SoundCloudApple PodcastStitcher and Spotify. You can follow Carlos Guimarães Pinto on LinkedInTwitterFacebook and Instagram.

The workshop that Ricardo mentions was part of a series of conversations on the future of liberalism organised by ELF where Ricardo and Carlos participated.

The “IL outdoors” above, as mentioned during the conversation, are innovative and amusing. On the left, an image of the Portuguese prime-minister playing “Taxesnoply”, a play of words between taxes and monopoly (the game), and on the right, a “drowning hand” struggles against a “sea of taxes declarations”. In both outdoors a major message is also convened, on the left “free yourself from socialism” and on the right “free yourself from tax oppression”.

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