In this episode of the Liberal Europe Podcast, Ricardo Silvestre (Movimento Liberal Social) welcomes Nicola Beer, MEP at Renew Europe with the Freie Demokratische Partei from Germany, Vice-president of the European Parliament, but more important for this conversation, one of the most dedicated promoters of the Conference on the Future of Europe, and of the participation of liberals in it. They discuss some of the major highlights and calls for actions by the Europeans that participated in the Conference.

This podcast is produced by the European Liberal Forum in collaboration with Movimento Liberal Social and Fundacja Liberté!, with the financial support of the European Parliament. Neither the European Parliament nor the European Liberal Forum are responsible for the content or for any use that be made of it.

Show notes 

This podcast, as well as previous episodes, is available on SoundCloudApple PodcastStitcher and Spotify.

The Policy Paper “Flexible Transnational Electoral Constituencies” can be found here.

You can contact the MEP here, and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

At the suggestion of Nicola, we also leave here the link to follow the European Parliament and the work done by Renew Europe there.

You can access the Digital Platform for the Conference here, the webpage by the European Commission here, and the Report on the final outcome here.

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