Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most discussed technologies today. Industry, policy-makers, and the general public alike are debating its role and importance for Europe’s economy as well as its potential threats and shortcomings. A large part of the debate centres on a deficit narrative: it depicts other regions in the world as more advanced, focuses on the potential disadvantages and dangers of AI technology, and debates its regulation. Here, we propose a more positive focus, concentrating on the areas where European strengths lie and taking a creative approach to AI and digital technologies. As AI matures into a mainstream field of computer science, it will be necessary to foster European creativity in designing our European digital sphere. Opportunities to build on existing bastions of European strength range from embedded systems within healthcare, to education and Europe’s rich culture – all of which are insufficiently exploited in current post-pandemic recovery initiatives. Europe needs to overcome its deficient perspective and create its own digital sphere, not only for prosperity, but also for a value-based approach to new and digital technologies.

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