Year: 2020
ISBN: 2684-6667

Authors: Maria Varlamova, Tamara Premrov, Michael Fuchs, Anna K. Forsman, Gian Marco Bovenzi & Felice Strollo

This white paper report covers three parts: 1) synthesising EU wide statistics of key indicators related to the ageing population, 2) de-scribing and comparing country-specific cases (country-specific data and national ageing policy agendas) and, finally, 3) the formulation of consensus-based recommendations – based on the synthesis of statistical data from selected key indicators and best practice policy examples identified from the partner countries. In the framework of this project, we will compare and contrast how the prerequsites for ageing are described and viewed in the EU member states, in order to learn from each other and exchange best practice examples with regard to policymaking. In order to do so the project will also provide a statistical outlook on key factors of ageing for all EU member states. The expected outcome of the project is a brief inventory of facilita-tors/opportunities and obstacles/challenges in the partner countries related to the ageing population and its welfare.

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