Edited by Gerard Pogorel, Antonios Nestoras, Francesco Cappelletti  

ISBN: 9782390670339 

This study, published by the European Liberal Forum and edited by Emeritus Professor Gerard Pogorel, Antonios Nestoras and Francesco Cappelletti, addresses a range of key concerns and opportunities associated with developing the EU’s strategic digital autonomy, from research and education to strategic deployment of resources. The collection of up-to-date analytical papers written by leading experts provides food for reflection and a better understanding of what the EU needs to do to strengthen its position in the international digital domain of tomorrow.

It argues that this is neither a protectionist nor an isolationist stance but a call for deeper cooperation and a robust consensual framework with partners and allies. A free market and better regulations for ‘smart’ policies are the only way to unleash the true potential of our digital future, To fit our digital tomorrow, we have to start today.  

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