ISBN: 987-2-39067-055-1

Year: 2023

Editor: Dr. Maria Alesina

Granting candidate status to Ukraine brought a significant turning point in the EU’s long-term vision regarding its Eastern Partnership.  However, more than a year has passed since this decision, we are far from having clear answers about the future of EU-Ukraine relations.  While old ways of cooperation are becoming outdated, the new ones are yet to be invented, established, and solidified. It is time to outline a more detailed vision for the future and reflect on how to make bilateral relations constructive, progressive, and beneficial for both parties.

This study by the European Liberal Forum covers the key dimensions of EU–Ukraine cooperation from a mid-term (5-10 years) perspective: EU accession process, post-war recovery, and underexplored areas for partnership in which Ukraine can benefit the EU.

The lineup of authors includes academics, experts, former and current politicians and officials from both Ukraine and the EU. Intending to outline a new roadmap for the future, they jointly reflect on how Brussels-designed approaches and policies can be best adopted in the case of Ukraine. They also provide EU policymakers with recommendations on how to ensure that the cooperation brings tangible results and mutual benefits along the way.

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