Year: 2019

Authors: Kristijan Kotarski, Dominik Kirchdorfer, Mathias Sundin, Šárka Prát, Mette Kahlin McVeigh and Mattias Goldmann

People walking in unbearably hot climates, in search of the last few jobs that have not yet been taken by robots owned by the super-rich… This is the image of the future you get from listening to current discussions and the media.

With this publication we want to remind people about how much better the world has become over the past few decades. It is often said that we should learn from our mistakes. This may be true, but it is at least as important to learn from the progress that has already been made. This publication uses a discussion of current problems as its starting point and offers solutions that could contribute to a better future—as well as give us fewer reasons to be worried about it.

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