Year: 2022

Author: Miłosz Hodun, PhD. President of the Projekt: Polska Foundation programme.

ISSN: 978-83-936110-5-8

For a better understanding of the political and social differences in this part of the world, the publication has been divided into six chapters presenting six various subregions. Three of them include groups of states which became members of the European Union, that is Visegrád Group, Baltic states, as well as Bulgaria and Romania. Two are groups of states which are not a part of the EU and stand no chance of joining in the foreseeable future due to their geopolitical situation – countries of South Caucasus, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova. The last subregion consists of states which set their course for the EU and currently are at various stages of integration – former Yugoslavia and Albania – which in the publication are called West Balkans.

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