Year: 2023

Author: Nataliia Bovkun, Research Fellow, European Liberal Forum

ISSN: 2736-5816

DOI: 10.53121/ELFPP23

The invasion of Ukraine is a clear signal to Western democracies: Russia is trying to revise the existing geopolitical world order by projecting military power. In this context, Europe’s biggest mistake would be compromising on its core liberal values and legitimising this approach to international politics. This article examines the war currently taking place in Ukraine and how it has affected the position and role of the European Union (EU) in international security. It emphasises the importance of the EU taking a more proactive role in promoting stability and security in the area due to the increasing threat posed by Russia. The text also touches upon the offence–defence theory and its prescriptive utility, as well as the challenges Ukraine is facing in its pursuit of EU membership. While the war in Ukraine will have a significant impact on the geopolitical order, it is time for the EU to work on a revised strategy to take up an entirely different position in the geopolitical landscape.

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