As the twenty-first century progresses, we see increasing technological advances, further growth of the culture of sustainability, the circular economy, Environmental and Social Governance, more Climate and Biodiversity COP’s and a great many other talking shops.

This suggests a rather toxic paradox. From fragmented specialisms to the fragmentation of people, planet, and profit, has created a culture that lacks the capability to develop truly durable, holistic political solutions to what seems a multitude of fragmented single problems. Climate change reveals all the inequalities, development speeds, social philosophies, legal systems, political goals, distributions of power, ecosystems, geo-climatic particularities, and natural preconditions for a good life that exist around the globe in all their contradictions and harsh realities. Ultimately, the topic is personal to everybody, yet so difficult to grasp.  

Thus, the essays in this brief collection represent a thoughtful attempt to address questions of the climate paradox. They are written by a diverse group of experienced and knowledgeable colleagues.  

And, since, today, we all find ourselves at a time of crisis this collection of essays can be seen to be timely since it seeks to remove the lid on sound bites, disinformation, and clever headlines to create a platform of dialogue for all ages and levels of knowledge and experience.  

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