Year: 2021

Editors: Jasmina Mršo and Emil Kirjas

The lack of the credible engagement for the EU integration progress has resulted in the rise of the new tensions in the Western Balkans.

This report is an opinion piece which aims to inform European liberal activists, as well as others, about the liberal perspective of the Western Balkans on EU enlargement. It further reinforces the traditional view that the liberals outside the EU borders are the loudest advocates of EU enlargement and its transformative role. Compared to the previous years, it is noticeable that the constituency now suffers from declining enthusiasm and pervasive skepticism that shrouds EU’s credibility and its engagement beyond its current borders. In a rapidly changing multipolar world, it would be a wasted opportunity and dangerous for the EU and the countries in question if they fail to deepen their mutual diplomatic, economic and political engagement.

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