Hans Van Baalen Scholarship

Throughout his successful political career, Hans Van Baalen has been a committed defender of Taiwanese freedom and democracy. The aim of the newly launched Hans van Baalen Scholarship is to offer a junior researcher the academic framework for deepening relations between Taiwan and the European Union. 

Strength in unity: An impressive coalition of partners  
The Hans Van Baalen Scholarship is the tangible result of collaboration between partner organisations, European Liberal Forum (ELF), ALDE PartyLYMECThe Taipei Representative Office in the EU and Belgium, The Taiwan Foundation for Democracy and The Centre for Security, Diplomacy and Strategy (CSDS) of the VUB Brussels School of Governance.

European Liberal Forum (ELF): foundation and think tank of ALDE party, with 47 member organisations across Europe.  
“Hans van Baalen wanted Liberals to unite. In Europe and all around the world. He believed in the power and dignity of every individual as well as the good that comes from peaceful and voluntary collaboration. The Hans Van Baalen Scholarship will continue his vision of deepening ties between Taiwan and the European Union”, said Daniel Kaddik, Executive Director of the European Liberal Forum.  

ALDE Party: the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in Europe 

“Liberals stand up for democracy everywhere in the world. This is why the Hans van Baalen Scholarship is so important. At a time where our values are under threat from many sides, Europe’s relationship with Taiwan – a fellow liberal democracy – must be brought to the forefront” , stated Ilhan Kyuchyuk & Timmy Dooley, ALDE Party co-Presidents.  

LYMEC: the pan-European Liberal Youth of ALDE Party 

“Hans Van Baalen fought deepening relations between Taiwan and the European Union on the bases of freedom, democracy, and solidarity. According to LYMEC, the scholarship is an opportunity to strengthen those visions”, mentioned Dan-Aria Sucuri, LYMEC President

The Taipei Representative Office in the EU and Belgium 

“We are honored to take part in this meaningful collaboration, to commemorate the spirit and legacy of President Van Baalen, who was a devoted defender of freedom and democracy, and an endearing friend of Taiwan”, was the statement of His Excellency, Ambassador Ming-Yen Tsai. 

Taiwan Foundation for Democracy  

“Hans Van Baalen has been a long-time supporter of Taiwan and an advocate of democracy and its values. The Taiwan Foundation for Democracy looks forward to hosting future Hans Van Ballen fellows, whose research will help further Taiwan-EU relations”. 

Centre for Security, Diplomacy and Strategy (CSDS) of the VUB Brussels School of Governance 

“This partnership will allow us to further promote academically rigorous discussions on geostrategic developments in Asia and the Indo-Pacific region, focusing specifically on the EU and NATO relations with Taipei”, said Prof. Dr. Luis Simon, CSDS Director.

Potential topics for the scholarship include EU Strategic Autonomy and the role of EU-Taiwan relations, regional security, defence cooperation, intellectual property issues, commercial and trade interdependence in the context of ASEAN, and others. The scholarship will last for one year and the successful researcher will split their study period between Brussels and Taiwan.  

The Hans Van Baalen scholarship was announced during ELF Liberal Awards at the ALDE Congress 2022 in Dublin. The awards are designed to celebrate the liberal heroes of the year and their achievements. Find out more about the ceremony here and for more information about the newly launched scholarship, in honour of a great liberal, click here.

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