ELF Working Groups (WGs) contribute towards the development of policy proposals. They aim to facilitate the exchange of experiences, tools, and ways of addressing recurring problems – in short, to facilitate collective learning between policymakers and practitioners.

In view of the changed geopolitical context, we tackle the urgent need to renew the EU enlargement in the Western Balkans and the Eastern Partnership region. To get the enlargement project out of the current stalemate, ELF brings together academics and practitioners to elaborate on the staged integration approach as a liberal way forward.

The first session of the WG on Trade has kickstarted the debate on governing the future EU-US trade relations, specifically in light of the EU’s course on strategic autonomy and the experience of the Trade and Technology Council (TTC).  

This Working Group has contributed to shaping the liberal policymaking agenda for EU relations with China. It has specifically focused on liberal perspectives on trade relations and the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment, 5G networks, AI, environmental policies, human rights and effects on transatlantic relations. Watch the follow-up On The Agenda Webinar “EU-China: a partnership to redefine”.

In May 2021, we were looking to submit a complete liberal agenda with proposals for coronavirus recovery, social impact investments, social security innovations, actions for youth employment in digital transition, among others. Based on the outcomes of these discussions, we have prepared a liberal agenda for the European social policy. Watch one of our expert discussions at the height of the Porto Summit 2021.

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