We accept contributions on the following topics:
  1. Sustainable Economy and Social Policy
  2. Foreign Affairs, Neighbourhood and Enlargement
  3. Digitalisation, Cybersecurity and New Tech
  4. EU Institutions, Democracy, and Justice Affairs
  5. Social and Political Cleavages Post-Covid
The European Liberal Forum Papers and Publications should follow one of the following formats:

Your submissions will be evaluated by the following criteria:

The paper adheres to liberal values and priorities. It advances our understanding of the topic from a liberal perspective and/or offers compatible solutions to real-life problems.

The paper is worthy of attention and important for policymakers. It makes a significant contribution that is topical and timely for policies.

The paper is making a distinct contribution to current debates, presents new arguments and supporting evidence or approaches the topic from an angle that enriches our understanding of more general trends.

The paper applies or contributes to wider debates about EU policy and does not limit itself to a national context. If a national case study is used, the link between the case and the European level of analysis is clearly defined.

The paper is structured in a coherent and logical way – with clear subsections – supporting the clarity of the argument and analysis. The arguments and supporting evidence are presented in a coherent and accessible way.

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