The European Liberal Forum presents you the Liberal White Book 2030, a visionary publication that lays down the road to a free, fair and strong Europe. Over 200 experts in European politics, academics, and civil society representatives worked together to create a point of reference for policymakers.

In 2020, the European Liberal Forum hosted a series of expert forums dedicated to the most pressing future issues on the road to a Europe that is freer, fairer, and more liberal. The topics, ranging from democracy and trade to digitalisation and security, were developed by top experts such as Simon Hix, Professor at the London School of Economics, and Renaud Dehousse, President of the European University Institute. Individual authors were then asked to draw together insights from these forums and write a chapter on a particular issue. ELF compiled these chapters into a Liberal White Book, a flagship publication that aims to influence decision-makers and shape liberal discussions about the future.

Liberal White Book: Europe 2030 Roadshow

After the successful launch of the Liberal White Book: Europe 2030 with Renew Europe MEPs Hilde Vautmans, Guy Verhofstadt and ELF Executive Director Daniel Kaddik, it is now time to take action. As liberals, we want to have democratic answers to all the complex problems of today and make our voices heard in the Conference on the Future of Europe. Now is the time to use the Liberal White Book 2030 and debate, organise your community, create discussions, take ideas.

Here is our calendar of events linked to the Conference on the Future of Europe (will be updated continuously):

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