The LCN ELF Edition 2022 was designed to empower and teach the participants on how to plan and shape efficient and impactful communication strategies for their key national and European audiences, what tools to use to achieve their objectives, as well as connect with their fellow liberal communicators from all across Europe.

The two-day training workshop focused on 2 main pillars of storytelling.

Day 1: How to use messaging & content to achieve impactful digital storytelling.

The first workshop was led by PR Consultant Margaux Demeyer, who created an insightful session in which she tackled many of the issues that can be encountered in getting your message across. Our participants were motivated to rethink their messages to make them stand out and to back up communication with accessible data. The session then opened up allowing the group to innovate by sharing best practices and exchange on respective projects.

“In spite of its complexity, the messages you want to convey should be simple, focus on the main objective to persuade your target audience”.

Day 2: Digital Narratives

For the second day of training, Political Trainer & Consultant Luis Cano gave a very interactive session, focused on improving reach and engagement and using data to drive impactful narratives & stories.

Luis began the workshop with a brainstorming session on how we can clarify the purpose of the ‘liberal brand’, allowing messages to be better targeted.

“When we are talking to everyone, we are talking to nobody. When you are an expert in everything, you are an expert in nothing.”

We then dove into the technical strategy, discussing with our members the best technologies and digital tools we can use to elevate our storytelling potential. Again, the participants were encouraged to share their successes and failures, allowing the group to determine the best ways to elevate their growth and audience engagement.

Check out all the event photos below.

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